Beware of Fraudulent Scams Requesting Personal or Financial Information

t has come to our attention that fraudulent emails have been sent to the public that 
appear to be on behalf of Oldcastle/CRH including the use of our logo. These emails 
ask for confidential information like a copy of a birth certificate or international passport
as part of the application process. Oldcastle/CRH and affiliated companies will never 
ask you for any identification of this kind as part of the application process. We will 
also never ask for any money, payments or personal banking information at any point.

Job postings or applications that appear in Microsoft Word that do not link back 
to the CRH and/or Oldcastle websites are not legitimate. 

We recommend that you do not respond to any emails that ask for this type of 
information. Do not disclose any personal or financial information (like bank account 
numbers or related) to people that you don’t know.